Augmented Reality

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Wow there are some super cool things around! I love being alive at this time. New creative technology makes me tick. Check this out:

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Can I speak to someone?

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Do you list your telelphone number on your website? How about your physical address? Your city? Your country?

I recently did a Google search for a specialist developer in New Zealand. From the results I got, I narrowed it down to about 5-6 websites. I was surprised that two of these sites didn’t list a phone number. The only way of making contact was to email or sometimes only completing a form – not even an email address listed! Another of the sites made no mention of any city or country. They clearly didn’t want to be affiliated with any ‘place’ in the world. I understand that they’re probably trying to encourage international clients, but I wonder if this really gives any credibility.

Now don’t get me wrong. I understand as much as the next person how frustrating it can be to be interrupted by phone calls throughout the day, but isn’t this taking it too far? Certainly at the beginning of a project I’d like for my clients to be able to call me and talk through their ideas or concerns. I would certainly have liked to have a quick conversation with a developer to explain my project and ask about their experience without having to write it all down.

When I send out a proposal, I include a note that says that email is my preferred method of communication, but it isn’t something I would enforce. Where is the customer service?

Do you disagree? I’d love to hear some other views on this issue.

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The evolution of Web 3.0

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How Google Works

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Here’ s a crazy cool flowchart describing the hundreds of processes involved in a google search…

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More SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) tips to get well listed/ranked in Google

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So you want to improve your website’s search ranking or listing in Google?

There are a number of factors that can improve your listing, however there is no magic one answer. Your ranking, or even appearance, is determined by many factors including complex algorithms. So although you may tick all the boxes for search engine optimisation you still may not be on the first page. Remember everyone else in your industry wants to be on the first page too. Search engines change their rules on a daily basis. Google has hundreds of variables to the algorithm which is used to determine search engine relevancy…and it’s constantly changing.

  1. Content

    Create great, well-written content. All the other tips are irrelevant if you don’t have something worth reading or viewing. If you do this and also link to great, relevant content, you will find that other great sites link to you. Fresh content. Change the wording in the page every month and update your xml sitemap is dynamic this will keep the pages full of fresh content.

    • Blogs - Obviously if you have a blog this is a great way of keeping fresh content flowing through your site. Fresh content – blogs are great for this. Keep the content on a niche or particular topic and build off that. Also post comments on relevant blogs within your industry and mention your site.
    • User-generated content – e.g. customer feedback, testimonials, forums, comments. By allowing your customers to communicate in their own style creates new content, a different ‘voice’ on the site and develops more of a ‘community’ which keeps users coming back and assist your SEO and also which is more likely to be picked up by prospects searching using similar phrases etc.
    • Use of H1, H2, H3 – Make use of Heading1, Heading 2, and Heading 3 within your page – google akes nte of what you have deemed to be the important titles in your page. Remember to use your keyword phrases.
    • Include geographical qualifiers such as countries and cities in title tags
  2. Page Title

    Keep your titles short (60-66 characters) and keyword rich. Since Google only displays the first 66 or so characters (including spaces), keep it under 66 characters and relevant to the content on the page. Remember that keywords from search engine results are likely to be highlighted if present in your title.Not sure how many characters you’ve written? Use this handy tool – http://www.javascriptkit.com/script/script2/charcount.shtml

  3. Description

    The description META tag is the text that will be displayed under your title on the search engine results page. This could be the deciding factor as to whether someone click your link or the results above or below, so make it count! Having natural language that isn’t rammed with keywords and your most important points for the page in the first sentence is a good start. Keep it under 150 characters and don’t repeat your keywords more than 3 times. Having your keywords at the beginning of the description may improve your position.

  4. Social media

    e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Blog.

  5. Link building and link popularity

    Link popularity refers to the number and quality of the incoming links that are pointing to your site. These other sites consider your site good enough to link to. So, in the search engine’s view, your site is considered good also.

    Link building is the process of developing links internally and externally within and to your website. It’s a time consuming business but very effective in improving your ranking.

  6. Sitemap

    Ensure Google indexes all your pages by submitting an index of webpages to Google sitemap using XML.

  7. Tools

  8. 301 redirect

    If you have multiple domains ensure all point to the one domain using a 301 redirect

  9. More info

    Check out other search engine ranking factors here

  10. If all else fails?

    Still not happy with your ranking? Why not hire a specialist? There are loads of companies who spend all day figuring out the best tips and tricks for getting well listed.

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F3 design – fun, functional design and eCommerce

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I loved getting involved with F3 design and working with them to create an online presence and store.  The product has a brilliant aesthetic – simple, industrial, recycled and very functional.  F3 use old materials and make them fun and super-functional.  Playfulness is right up there on their list of how to make and experience their designs.

Working with the F3 team was heaps of fun. As designers they are committed to their ideas, their product and how it was to be represented. My challenge was to represent them as they see themselves while making sure the site ticked all the technical and usability boxes.  With some careful compromises we achieved a site that communicates the wide range of design work F3 are involved in – manufacture through to exhibition and event design.

F3 Design - website design included eCommerce, CMS and hosting

Integrating the F3 range together with the distinctive red and steel colour palette we created the main body content section of each page as if it were mounted on a scroll, created from the rails that are integral to many of  F3’s products.  While this limited the space available to mount the ranges it works well. The page appears to roll up and down on the rails as the user scrolls, focusing the attention on the selected product.  Nails ‘tack’ up the header to create the feel that the user might have stepped into the work shop and can be part of the design world at F3.

The site is first and foremost an online store front  so the left menu displays the ranges and directs to the shopping cart.  We brought the search menu into the side navigation to invite the shopper to browse. Top menus offer more information about F3 and their other work and has lots of opportunity for that section to expand as F3 does.

Here at New Media Design we really like the F3 ethos : Fun then Form then Function

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Slagsmålsklubben – Sponsored by destiny from Tomas Nilsson on Vimeo.

Tree Swing Development

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Hilarious font battle

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See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor.

So true.

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Found this classic flowchart over at Ben Blogged.


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